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Academic Vision

LEAD Public Schools is a public, charter network of middle and high schools, including conversion schools.  LEAD serves almost 200 teachers and almost 1700 students. We exist to serve high needs student populations specifically in conversion schools. To fulfill LEAD’s vision and mission it is vital that LEAD Public Schools’ students engage in rigorous and coherent instruction that ensures college and career readiness.  For our students to become the next generation of responsible citizens, we  believe effective leadership is the beginning. Each of our schools must be led by a strong instructional leader with some capacity in operations. LEAD believes effective leadership and effective teaching are the key levers to increasing student success.  With Leverage Leadership by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo as our guide, we have identified three levers to provide an environment for effective teaching to occur.  

LEAD Levers:  

Lever 1-School Culture (safe and orderly environment)

Lever 2-Data-Driven Instruction (using data to inform and adjust instructional practices)

Lever 3-Observation and Feedback (frequent classroom observations and feedback in cycles)